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A few of you wrote and commented on my post about the indictments. For many, the whole story is dismissed as conspiracy theory. At the other end of the spectrum, there are various commentators who have been reporting extensively on the subject for quite a while. Given the shroud of secrecy, each individual either has certain pieces of the story or is speculating based on everything from leaks to messages from psychics. At the top of the list of my personal favorites is Dr. Cynthia McKinney, a shining light in the realm of ethical and intelligent activism. Some will remember that she ran for president on the Green Party ticket so why am I mentioning someone who many regard as a has been?

Okay, she is no longer a member of Congress and she, of course, did not win the presidential election. So what has she been doing? She went back to college and got a doctorate and has been a tireless advocate for peace. She has risked a great deal to alleviate the suffering of displaced individuals and is the ally of the weak and champion for the downtrodden. I have immense respect for her viewpoints and dedication and do not think her visible career is anywhere near over.

She and Robert David Steele teamed up and they have, in fact, moved a few hills, not mountains, but hills. Steele especially has taken a very powerful position on child trafficking through the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, but it is not the issue I want to address today but rather the attitude and values. The alleged magnitude of this criminal enterprise is beyond mind boggling. Besides the number of missing children throughout the world, there is sexual abuse, organ harvesting, and murder. The people behind this have committed horrific crimes, but Dr. McKinney has never advocated the death penalty. Steele's background is vastly different as is his style, but he, too, has not advocated the death penalty.



Privately, I have had discussions with many people. One suggested shipping all the guilty persons to Mars. If Mars is deserted, I would have few objections to removing these individuals from our society, but the point really is what the consequences are for heinous deeds.

If the leaks are even partly credible, the indictments will be unsealed and many will be arrested. Some can be expected to strike plea bargains and others will resist and face mlitary tribunals. Sentencing can be expected to be harsh. Many of those arrested will be extremely high profile individuals who are used to power and its use and abuse. A few of the individuals will face charges of treason. Others will face charges of pedophilia, human trafficking, organ harvesting, murder, money laundering, fraud, and so on and so forth. The worst offenders are true scumbags, but I personally do not believe any human has the right to harm any other human much less to take away the life of that person. That said, the magnitude of the crimes suggests that guilty parties must not be allowed to move freely in society.

Three Crosses

In general, I do not believe in incarceration, but there are exceptions. The exceptions relate to the danger the offender poses to others. This depends on the attitude of the accused rather than a plea bargain. We have a model in Christendom of three crosses on Calgary. One individual was innocent, another was repentant, and third was recalcitrant. In astrology, I correlate these to the mutable, cardinal, and fixed signs, but there is a more psychological version of this idea in Eastern philosophy. The individual who refuses to back down or admit wrongdoing is actually less alive, slower of mind, and definitely less evolved. Such people cannot be trusted to reform themselves and can therefore be liabilities to society. However, there are people who deeply regret their actions, and my hunch is that atoning in this dimension is actually more difficult than in the discarnate state.

That, of course, is debatable and there is no one alive who can be 100% certain of his or her facts. There are those who have opinions, but no one can prove their concepts are correct. By this, I am saying that one cannot cite legal codes or theological tenets to validate one's beliefs. One cannot even use a mystical experience to prove the correctness of one's views because such experiences are always filtered through the mind, and the mind can be quite opinionated. The closest we can come to some sort of proof might be the testimonies of those who have had near death experiences, but the experiences differ from individual to individual. Most people seem to be welcomed on the other side by compassionate and loving beings who seek to lessen whatever fear or anguish there might be about punishments.

Seeking Answers

I went through a period of searching in my early teens and visited all the churches, mosques, and even one synagogue in commuting distance of my home. In the Catholic Church, I listened to a priest and his mathematics about how many Ave Marias one needed to say to lessen the time in purgatory by how many days. I did not return because it seemed totally preposterous to me. Oh, gosh, I might have been all of 13 or 14 years of age, but I had some discernment and was certain no human had a reliable guidebook for the beyond.

I was searching because I had been in a debate with an adult at a youth training camp for Presbyterians. The discussion was supposed to take half an hour and related to the youth missionary budget. I asked that it be allocated to health care, not proselytizing. I was rebuked and responded to the hostility by saying that if an African patient asked what made me travel so far to help a stranger, I could tell that person whatever my truth may be, but unless invited, my motivations were private. The leader started tearing me to shreds. He got more and more angry and some capillaries in his eyes burst. He started to look like a demon to me, but I would not budge. Hours went by and the sun began to appear and he shouted, "You are going to hell." I said, "Hell is not a place. It is a state of mind." He had no idea what I had just said but I felt some of the others in the room possibly did understand.

I returned to my home and when the pastor asked to see me, I expected to be praised for my reasoning. Instead, he told me that he had heard about the arguments and that I had embarrassed him. I tried to explain my thoughts but hit a stone wall. I stopped attending that church. Choosing a guide for one's spiritual journey is a very serious matter, and it is reckless to abdicate authority to someone whose head is full of dogma but whose being has no genuine experience of divinity. I thought his ignorance was unique and that finding a more reliable mentor would be easy. After trying all the churches, I gave up until meeting Suzuki-sensei at a banquet in Hawaii. I was 16 going on 17 by then.


The point of this digression is that we humans are extremely divided on countless topics. One example I have often used is that in the U.S., Democrats are typically pro-abortion and against capital punishment whereas Republicans are pro-life and these days even against family planning, but they often support the death penalty. It never made any sense to me. Life is a spiritual force living in a body. That is a third dimensional definition. In my opinion — and you can take it or leave it or brood on it — what we see as the animating force is immortal. We cannot destroy it because it is spiritual. We can obstruct the expression of another soul, but then we are taking an immense risk because we are defying the Creator. I would not like to take on that guilt.

Studies of Sexual Deviancy

Now, let me take this a bit further. In an attempt to explain the epidemic of pedophilia, there have in fact been some studies. I would however like to set the stage just a bit more. In the 80s and 90s, I spent a great deal of time with other health care practitioners. A dentist explained that homosexuality can be precipitated if braces are worn at particularly critical times in our physiological development because the braces cam potentially put pressure on the pituitary body at a time when some of our gender associations are maturing. He did not say this is only cause of homosexuality, but he stated it as risk.

In my work, I have studied the behavior of cancer patients, usually silently, meaning I have not published much at all nor discussed my observations except occasionally. Doctors will say that cancer metabolism is too fast. I argue that the metabolism of the cancer is fast but the overall metabolism of the patient tends, if anything, to be slow. This means we can observe the spectrum of tissue behavior by comparing normal tissue with malignant tissue. It just happens to be one of my pet interests. For instance, I have seen patients with tumors of the adrenal glands who cannot slow down. They are in high gear all the time, and it looks dangerous to the observer.

Brain tumors are all different because every part of the brain affects unique functions. The first serious brain tumor that I watched was in the limbic brain and the patient regressed, as if going back in time, ultimately to a fetal position and then to some terrifying reptilian behaviors. We could say that the "normal" for now at this stage of human evolution might be for the limbic brain to influence our expectations about how our needs might be met. It's usually immature, even juvenile or infantile, but what if we are where we are after evolving from other species?

I have looked at traumatic brain injuries and tumors to see how behavior is influenced.

One person I knew with a tumor on the pituitary body became extraordinarily psychic but also miserably uncomfortable in her body, so much so that she often wanted to escape. She also changed her sexual orientation.

These are important observations because conventional psychology generally looks at family patterns, childhood traumas, and so on and so forth to find causes for lack of developmental maturity or deviancy. Sometimes a precipitating event is found and sometimes it is not. Probing and prying can involve anything from generic questionnaires to serious one-on-one counseling to various types of brain scans and even surgery. One of the theories is that the right frontal lobe of the brain is involved in pedophilia. This is not always true, but some cases have apparently been resolved by surgery.

EMF Waves

Now, we come to an absolutely incredibly serious issue which is why the incidence of brain cancer has increased so much. Industry, of course, denies culpability, but the honest way to wade through this challenge to civilization as we once knew it would be to do epidemiological studies in which several factors are studied as a bundle. This is not the scientific method because scientists prefer to eliminate all but one variable. Let's say the first variable would be whether or not the individual uses a cordless phone or mobile device. Which side of the head is most exposed to the device? How many hours a day or month does the person use the phone? What is the SAR rating of the phone being used? How close is the nearest cell tower to the home or office? When did the problem start? How difficult has it been to resist temptation? Has there been any specific trauma to the brain such as a sports or auto accident?

Now, let's change the condition a bit. What if an alcoholic finally comes to grips with the fact that he or she is an alcoholic? The individual goes to AA, resists temptation, but there is a crisis and some gathering where alcoholic beverages are served and someone says, "Well, one sip won't hurt you." Really?  Does that person know what one sip might do? We are expected to have discipline and will power, but relaxing of inhibitions may compromise our ability to manage temptations.

Now, we can go back to the person with the tumor in the right frontal lobe of the brain and ask how hard is it to resist temptation? I am not urging anyone to forgive someone who has been harmed by the behavior of another individual. I am merely suggesting that there are probably people who successfully battle temptation, some who wish they could manage their behavior, and some who think they can do whatever they want to others . . . and get away with it. That is the spectrum.

Until we have thoroughly examined the health, we cannot be sure that the offender genuinely intended to harm his victim(s). The bulk of the karma is in the motivation. Right, the deed is thoroughly objectionable and punishable, but if a person were to ask for a thorough psychiatric and medical exam and a tumor were found, would we not want to give the person a chance to heal? I did not say we let the person loose but do we take away the opportunity to heal?


Capricorn is the sign of law and order. I have had clients who were regressed . . . well, I will tell a story. It was Christmas and cold in Santa Fe. A client came for an appointment and I had some carols playing when he arrived. He instantly went ballistic and used some words like #$%##&. A houseguest looked at him and spoke some very gentle words. He burst into tears and immediately blurted out that he lived in the time of Jesus and loved the teachings but he had a family and could not surrender his responsibilities so as to follow Jesus. He felt terribly guilty. He also defended his decision. It is not practical for society to give up attachments, to abandon family and duties, much less to forgive people who have sinned. The world would be chaotic without discipline and rules.

I have been there. I was furious one day around age 10, maybe 12. I was on a ship with my family and there were different rules for me than for my younger sister. I did not think it was fair. The corridor was long, painted white, and I heard a voice say that compassion is more important than justice.

Compassion is not the same as condoning. No one can condone a sexual offense, but we can give the individual an opportunity to heal and atone. The vipassana meditation being taught in Indian prisons has enabled some very hard core criminals to reform, but this is a serious and strenuous practice in which through absolute silence one goes deeper and deeper into relationship with one's inner core. Ultimately, one sees how one’s deeds have affected others. A few inmates have reached the point of deep regret and remorse.

For me, refusing to administer a death sentence is not clemency.  It is probably harder for some people that their deeds become known, that they are seen to have fallen from grace, that their illegitimate gains have been confiscated, and that they will spend the rest of their lives under constant surveillance.


You know I am a pacifist, but this goes beyond the doctrine of ahimsa but I support the duty of society to protect the safety of its members. It does not include the right to take the life of another. That right should be exercised on a higher level. However, if someone has committed horrific crimes, there are no grounds for any kind of leniency: no commuting of sentences, probation, pardons, or release.

In the meantime, I think there is enough in this post to suggest that we should examine our exposure to electromagnetic interferences with our biological processes, and we should take tremendous precautions to protect our brains. I take something absolutely every day, not the same thing every time but I take herbs every day: Brahmi Elixir, Boswellia, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Tulsi, Amla, Sattva Elixir, you name it because our brain is intermediary between the invisible and sensory realms.


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