Soaring Spirit with Tears


The Sacredness of All Life

Ingrid Naiman

Yesterday I channeled for a friend whose space is being stalked by a mountain lion. The advice was to make an offering to her in a space far from the sanctuary where she has her animals and tries to shield them from harm. It's a holiday weekend and probably there will be a lot of road kill. If the plan is meant to work, she will be put into a situation in which the offering can be made, but as part of a treaty with the mountain lion whose territory was affected by fires. The mountain lion is in grief and feels that the animals who are cared for by my friend receive more love and protection; she wants this love and protection, but to receive it, she must obey the rules of harmlessness. It was further suggested that the winged creatures be put on duty to warn if the mountain lion approaches as a huntress rather than one herself seeking nurturance.

Animals understand rules. They have very firm rules with each other and recognize the role of people and know there will be consequences for trespassing. This said, we are also trespassers and we have precious little to win the hearts of our brothers and sisters who live in the wild.

Years ago, I had an invasion of pack rats. I actually never saw them, but I kept finding their trails and stash. They put bird seed inside my tape duplicating deck so I figured they could squeeze through a hole the size of an electric plug. Anyway, the person who sometimes helped me with my housekeeping asked if she should send her husband to kill them. She said, there were hundreds. I said no, I'd try another way. Cindy was incredulous.

I went into counsel with my spirit guides and told them to put the pack rats on notice that they had six weeks to leave. I gave them ample time in case any had families. I told them that they were welcome outdoors, that there were sheltered places near the warmer walls of the house, spaces in the rock walls that were safe, areas near the compost that were warm and safe, and that they would not suffer any harm if they lived outdoors, but they needed to leave my house. They left immediately and there was never another problem.

I therefore came to trust that while we constantly try to assess the place of our brothers and sisters on the pecking order or food chain on the basis of communication skills, we are using our language as the test standard, but animals are very communicative without books and sounds we recognize as language.

The doctrine of ahimsa is not negotiable. As the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi has said as part of his work, nonviolence is about becoming the change we wish to be. It is not a strategy to use at times of crisis and discard at other times -- or we might say vice versa. We are not non-violent when it is easy and violent when we allow ourselves to believe that force will bring about a quick solution. I have been thinking about this for many years, perhaps many lifetimes. Whenever we cause something to happen against the will of another, we disturb relationships and set in motion a cause that will need to be corrected. Moreover, just as when we throw a stone into the water, we cannot control the length of time it takes for the water to smooth out again, so when we set the laws of karma in motion, we cannot choose when we will have the experience needed to resolve the karma.

When we decide to kill another creature, we are ignoring the God that is in that creature. Years ago, I felt I was put to the test when I was paralyzed for a year by multiple spider bites up and down my leg. It was excruciatingly painful, simply unbelievably painful. However, I was then as now a healer. I do not do battle with illness; I listen to it. So, lying on my sofa in a sort of reclining Buddha position day after day, I asked to meet the spider in my inner vision.

Today, in this world of greatly escalated fear and terror, I want to share what the spider said and a little of how she said it, and I would hope that someone such as Arun Gandhi would accept the philosophical ramifications of the story.

The spider appeared first to be slinking, ashamed. I saw her black back, but I told her I wished to see her eyes and talk to her. This made her more ashamed, but she raised her head and her body and I could see the red on her belly. She said she feels rejected and her venom is the poison that people push as far away as possible so as not to have to recognize the anger and revenge they feel towards one another. She said they push it so far away from themselves that it incarnates as something that appears separate from themselves, but she said, she is just carrying a part of rejection, she is not separate from the One Life at all.

She had my undivided attention and went on for a long time explaining the emotions of love and hate and the energy of rejection that pushes away what it refuses to accept. After a very long time, she transformed into a Middle Eastern belly dancer. She was hauntingly beautiful and interesting, still dressed in black robes but with red undergarments that sometimes showed as she danced. This is personally very important to me because one of my unfinished articles is about the "Scherazade Complex." It's an astrological article on Uranus aspects to the Moon and Venus. Anyway, the metamorphosis was important to me. In the appearance as a dancer, the lady showed that she is interesting, mysterious, and capable of teaching people about what they hide from themselves. In this role, she drew elaborate pictures, every bit as wonderful as Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of man. She superimposed these pictures in layers, similar to her own dress, and showed how light enters the psyche of human being and sometimes fragments in the head region because those who are not responsive to Divine Love develop ego that enables them to function in opposition to Divine Law. She suggested some therapies and practices for correcting the misalignment, and then she transformed into the Mother of the Universe. There, she showed that every star and sun and planet is connected by etheric webs that she holds into place, implying that God the Father creates the light but she maintains the matrices that hold the light in place. The entire response to my request for an interview took many hours and I tried to scribble pictures to show what she was explaining. She asked me to bring her story to the world, and I began doing this through a series of channeled tapes.

At the time, I was being treated by a therapist who happened also to be a Catholic nun. I had great respect for her because of her life choices, and I tend at any rate to prefer to have my body handled by someone who understands reverence than to have my body viewed as a system of muscles and chemicals that lack sensitivity and consciousness. I told Sandy a little about my interview and she told me a Zen joke about how the essence of others does not change simply because I have chosen a new quaint way of viewing them. Her point was, "Ingrid, I'm trying to help you get well. You start making friends with spiders, and they will kill you. Recognize that they are who are they are and protect yourself so you don't get hurt again." This was painful because I was still in a very subtle energy field as a result of my interview and I preferred to believe in what I had seen, not in the more pedestrian view of the Zen master (joke).

So, I put out the word, in much the same way as I had to the pack rats. I told the spiders that they were welcome in my house so long as they brought no harm to anyone. They were not to hurt any of my birds or guests. Soon thereafter, I was in the kitchen, barely able to stand, when a spider came out from behind the refrigerator. I decided to have a chat. I said I was glad to meet her but that the weather was warm now and perhaps she would like to live outdoors for the summer. I opened the door and she walked about eight feet to the door, struggled really hard to climb over the threshold and left. So, I am absolutely convinced that one can communicate easily with any species.

How do we do this? We always expect them to understand words because we think we communicate with words, but if you have ever made love to anyone, you know you communicate with eyes and touch and the subtle dance of finding the places of harmony between yourselves. You can use this same loving communication with any species. You can also invoke your chakra guardians, spirit guides, and subconscious so that they work together to create the harmony you seek.

I know this is very long, but I am truly obsessed over non-violence so I want to tell one of the stories of a past life of Gautama Buddha. In that incarnation, tears welled up in the eyes of a goat that he was about to kill. He asked the goat if the goat was afraid to die, the goat answered, "No, but I see hundreds of future lives of suffering for what you are about to do."

I do past life recalls, past exploration and I work with karmic patterns. I know how deep and entrenched the patterns are; and I also know that the time to create harmony is now.



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