Soaring Spirit with Tears


Esoteric History of Earth

Channeled Writings

In 1995, I began channeling. Actually, I channel several different entities and some tapes are available of the material channeled in 1995-96. What is published here is new and relevant to the changes that are necessary on Earth at this time. The little bit that I have posted so far constitutes the tip of the iceberg of a vast Plan whose details are important to those who take an interest in the perspective discussed here. Private sessions are available to those who wish to explore this subject in more detail.

History of Earth: One Perspective, Part I

On the Earth, we have the curious terms, "indigenous peoples, aborigines, and Native Americans," and so forth. These are the descendants of those who are truly of and from the Earth; the rest of us are foreigners from other parts of the Universe.

The Garden of Eden, Part II

300 pairs of souls would go to Earth to establish another settlement in which the intellect was perfectly aligned to Spirit and in every way superior to the settlement established by the survivors of the destruction to the outpost planet.

Soaring Spirit with Tears

When we understand "the parts" of ourselves, we will be able to reconcile their different influences and develop a strategy for living that embraces all the forces of our psyches.  Soaring Spirit with Tears is my medicine name—and the story is completely fictitious. I wrote it at my computer while looking out the window and listening to the opera Norma!

On Approaching my 64th Birthday

I became interested in protocols for toxicity stemming from Agent Orange and from radiation.  I believe we are all this sensitive; and our destinies are all intertwined, complex, amazing, and important.  We just seldom take time to ask questions and reflect until we find answers.

Origins of Humanity and the Purpose of Being on Earth

From the moment we are created, we begin putting our gifts to work, but the situations in which we try to express these gifts are so complex that we fail many times before we succeed so everyone carries a burden of the fear of failing the divine. It has to be in every psyche so the first step towards getting out of our own way is patience with self and some humor and forgiveness because we rarely get it right the first time.






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