Soaring Spirit with Tears


Disclosure 2019

by Ingrid Naiman

This post is about why I feel disclosure is not simply important but why it will change much of what today is regarded as reality.  When we examine all the issues on this Planet, I cannot think of any singular event that would cause a more rapid shift in human behavior than a dramatic alien visitation by a benevolent force that has decided to warn us lest we not only self-destruct but pose a threat to civilizations elsewhere in the Universe.

While the official position has been to make those who believe in aliens seem a bit off their rockers, there are thousands of sightings reported every year as well as mountains of classified reports that are part of an immense cover up.  The question is why, and there have been various explanations ranging from the public excuse about avoiding frightening people to refusal to relinquish power, secret treaties with off-planet beings, and less often what would happen to our civilization if there were free energy. 

Protecting people from fear is actually the flimsiest of explanations because those of us alive today have been constantly subjected to the threat of nuclear annihilation, but if the bomb is not big enough and terrifying enough, there are always microscopic viruses to exterminate us. Fear affects the adrenal glands which then draw energy from other physiological and psychological systems to meet the real or hypothetical challenges. 

My intention is not to raise fear because I firmly believe the aliens are friendly and that we need them; but before going there, let me quote a friend who is an avid environmentalist.  In the infamous Bush vs. Gore presidential election, she said something to the effect of, “My dilemma is which oil company will get my vote.”

According to my understanding, a combustion engine will not work in space so a genuine space craft would use some other form of energy.  I am not a physicist but when I went to the JAXA site some years ago, I read about an ion exchange engine that would, in theory, never need any maintenance.  It would provide permanent energy for flights of whatever duration.  It is possible that this technology exists and that the only thing keeping it from becoming mainstream is the same obstacle facing electric cars.  If you have been reading my posts for some years already, you know that I believe those who are heavily invested in the status quo will resist whatever makes their piece of the pie obsolete and this, I suspect, was one of the contributing factors to Tillerson’s departure from the present administration.  I have no inside information but I watched an interview of Tillerson done when he was still CEO of Exxon and his idea of innovation was to find a way to use algae for fuel and to do so in a manner that would assure the dominance of Exxon as a supplier and not render any gasoline stations obsolete.

Frankly, I do not think this is what POTUS has in mind because his thinking is more Tesla-esque. Sorry about that, but there is an immense difference between alternative energy and an alternative to petroleum.  That said, there is always a cover story – and a veil – but one does not get to the top without clinging to the assets that contributed the rise to power.


The Universe

For reasons I will save for later, I have no doubt at all but that the Universe is immense and teeming with life, most of it probably more advanced than what we experience at this time on Earth.  Since faith is the antidote to fear, I would like to give my opinion, but that is all it is.  It is baseless in terms of modern science and proof, but not in terms of my own spirituality.

What is unique about Earth is where we are at this point in terms of consciousness.  As mentioned in the previous posts, when we incarnate, we drink the Lethe and obscure much of the memory of who we really are.  Of course, memories are not lost, just inaccessible to most.  That said, an argument can be made that some individuals manage to retain more conscious memory than others.  I addressed this issue very lightly in the last post on music.  To-date, Kitzia is the only one who commented on the post.  Several others wrote greetings and thank you notes, but the post was either too long or not interesting.  If you missed it, it is online with the videos embedded:

The post is relevant to what I want to say on disclosure because I have used music therapy to access the memories that are obscured by Lethe.



What most of us retain when incarnating functions largely as instinct: likes and dislikes, passions and aversions, talents and blockages, and even a certain amount of physical incapacity.  In short, we reconnect with some incarnational experiences but lose a great deal of spiritual awareness.

My understanding of the awareness cycle as it affects most people is that we descend into Matter, involution, and then ascend back to Spirit, evolution.  At a particular point we lose intuition and work more with intellect and then we put aside the intellect and work again with subtle energies, more like inspiration than intuition because we are more conscious.


Some indigenous people depicted this in petroglyphs and in cave paintings.  They showed beings with antennae in ancient artwork from many areas of the world.   Some people think the indigenous people were depicting aliens, but my belief is that they were referring to a state that was normal for certain individuals and probably also some species.  For me, the antennae do not suggest that some individuals are more like insects but rather that there was a time when the antennae enabled direct contact with Source – or at least acted as a stepped down transmitter of Source.  Then, a point came on the involutionary cycle when consciousness was internalized and the antennae were transformed into the pineal gland and pituitary body.  Again, I have no proof and since the antennae would have been made of soft tissue, we probably do not have archaeological remains to prove my hypothesis.  To be as clear as possible, I am suggesting that the depictions are of humans, not aliens.  Moreover, I believe humans came here in waves from other parts of the Universe so we actually have different histories and reasons for being here.

Obviously, I am not in any position to prove this so we can simply say, this is my speculation and you can examine it, ignore it, or try to prove it right or wrong.  That said, if someone has access to Source, he or she will tend to regard his information as superior to whatever is accepted as conventional in our interim reality.


The Abyss

At the lowest point of involution, many lose touch with spiritual realities, and they rely on learned material to understand their worlds.  This leaves the door open for those who want to control through further obfuscation.  This is more or less where we are today.  A very small number of exceptionally influential people control the curricula of our educational systems, the media, the Internet, entertainment, government, and the financial systems of the world.  In reality, they also control most religions of the world, particularly Western religions.  Their authority is so pervasive that whatever is outside their influence is immediately labeled alternative, fake, fringe, or heretical.  In short, the reality is that we have no right to our own understanding or interpretations.  Depending on many factors, there are varying consequences for the failure to conform, anything from inability to be heard or published to imprisonment or assassination.  This is unfortunately the bitter truth in today’s world.

Nearly all of the formal systems in this world are hierarchical, meaning they are based on immense power at the top and a chain of command that is largely patriarchal in nature, even though women occasionally appear to hold influential positions within the hierarchy.  They are however not capable of independent action since anyone who does not toe the line will be replaced by someone who will kowtow.

The hierarchy can be understood as a kind of ladder as opposed to a circle in which every individual – as well as the views held by individuals – is equal to every other individual and that person’s views.  In a consensus reality world, all thoughts are actually footnotes, meaning that the thoughts are upheld only to the extent that they conform.  To prove the conformity, every statement must be sanctioned with a footnote.  Thinking outside the box usually results in dismissal, some kind of job loss or worse. 

What is worst about this situation is that so many people do not trust themselves.  Moreover, a tremendous amount of our time and energy, not to mention life force, is invested in conformity rather than originality or fulfillment of our Destiny.  So, in spiritual terms, this is the Abyss, but in the Vedic system, it would be called Kali Yuga, a time of dismal ignorance and suffering.


Alien Influence

Now, assuming that in modern society, consensus is found at the very bottom of the involutionary cycle, what can we expect from those who are on the ascending side of the curve?

These individuals would be beyond where the majority are today.  This would include culture, intellect, and mastery of philosophy and science.  We would be no match these individuals and that would be evident from the first contact.

In our present state, our overwhelming challenge is to survive in a world of complexity and polarity.  The second challenge is to master ourselves, no easy undertaking  given our emotions and opinions.  The third challenge is to harmonize with the Universe.  Visiting aliens would be at this level since they traversed space which means they can exist without friction or polarity.

It is probably useful to consider how we evolve because until we look at this from a spiritual perspective, we will tend to think that space travel is a scientific feat rather than a combination of science and spirituality.  The higher gifts of spirit awaken in a sequence that involves the heart chakra and its virtues, compassion being the main attribute.  In short, we may reach quite high positions on Earth through ambition and manipulation, but these attributes do not unlock the spiritual gifts.  Those insights open automatically once motivation is pure but this depends on a combination of wisdom and goodwill.



Two possible scenarios are worth consideration. A third also exists but, in my opinion is unlikely.  The first is that the one percent – with their many contingency plans – go into panic mode and try to control through a combination of disinformation and incidents, i.e., crises intended to distract and delay the loss of credibility and power.  Up to a point, I believe this would be permitted but not if the stakes are too high.  The problem, of course, is that once the truth is known, it is hard to hide it.  I suspect electronic means are being developed to program us to believe lies, so this technology is alarming and we should be wary.

The second scenario would be softer but might depend on proper invitations.  This is that the aliens reveal themselves and either take the helm or make the realities clear to us.  This would be my preference because the entire world could change in hours if this were to happen.  It would however mean that instead grappling with the complexities at the bottom of the involutionary cycle, the lessons are made easier by revealing the Truth.  This would have the effect of launching the Aquarian Age, bringing us out of Kali Yuga, and initiating changes that will lead to a Golden Age.



What does this really mean? It means we are not alone, have never been alone, and we will not be permitted to destroy all life on the Planet.  Once the superiority of the aliens is seen, our weapons will be useless as will be the many lies of our time.  Every individual would be exposed to the aliens, and we can assume that some will be grateful for their presence and others will be frightened and reluctant to embrace what will take time to understand and appreciate.

If people ask what would happen to our economy, to our identities, to our nations and cultural traditions, to our religions, to our leaders, I would say there is nothing at all about which to be concerned.  We would be freed of misconceptions and lies as well as fear.  Without fear, our energies would automatically move into higher chakras and more and more clarity would begin to manifest.

What if we had no military and no wars, no investment in instruments of destruction, no fear of mutual annihilation?  On balance, half the resources of the world could be redirected to humanitarian relief instead of crimes against each other.

Without the burden of wars, scientists could focus on applying their minds to useful endeavors instead of aiding and abetting destruction.  There really is no need for immense budgets if the main undertaking of government is reduced in scale.  Moreover, if people are allowed access to truth – and if they are permitted to act freely – the government would not take on responsibility for the personal choices of individuals.

We could ask why this has not happened before.  Actually, it is probable that the aliens have saved civilization several times before . . . and that is why we are still here, but with the danger of modern weapons, we have to take the destructive potential seriously and realize that intervention is preferable to annihilation. 

In short, even if there has been a hands off policy where public recognition is concerned, the stakes are high, and there is justification for intervention.  The alternative would, of course, be to allow people to learn from mistakes, including from putting stock in wrong concepts and in people who do not deserve our loyalty.  It is obviously a lot easier to have the facts explained to us than to try to figure out things on our own.  Anything we master on our own is ours to keep – forever.



I wrote this on New Year’s Eve and there are several more long posts that I wrote during my three days of hibernation.  I do want people to invest in their understanding of themselves as souls so I would like to suggest that everyone commit to a course of tamarind.  Take it for 45 days straight if you have never done this before.  If you have used it, take it at least twice a week to promote decalcification of the pineal gland.  This is an important spiritual receptor that is inoperative in millions and millions of people, probably billions. 

We can also work on our nervous systems and brains, and I will post on this soon, but let’s get started with tamarind.  You can increase the benefit by taking holy basil as well. 

I believe the world is going to change fast.  I will make a few more predictions in the days ahead, but the prayer I have for 2019 is that there will be a full and honest disclosure.  I will give more reasons in future posts.  In the meantime, I wish all of you a safe ride and interesting journey through the turbulence of our times. 


© Ingrid Naiman 2019





Poulsbo, Washington