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Soaring Spirit with Tears is my most personal web site.  Here, I allow myself free rein to express any thoughts I please, from the most political to the most esoteric, from passionate pleas for sane environmental policies and for peace to social activism to express our desires through consumer choices, including the right to boycott products and corporations with known antisocial or sociopathic records.  I talk about my past and my visions for the future. 

Ingrid Naiman


This post is about why I feel disclosure is not simply important but why it will change much of what today is regarded as reality.  When we examine all the issues on this Planet, I cannot think of any singular event that would cause a more rapid shift in human behavior than a dramatic alien visitation by a benevolent force that has decided to warn us lest we not only self-destruct but pose a threat to civilizations elsewhere in the Universe.

Disclosure: The Need for Discernment

16 January 2019

The Sealed Indictments

Part I: My overview of an international problem.
Part II: Justice


Rape in India

An essay about the sentencing of the rapists in relationship to the doctrine of Ahimsa.


Change the World!

"Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"

Like billions others in this galaxy, we are conscious creatures that some name "extra-terrestrials", even though reality is subtler. . . Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships. A unique cultural shock in today's mankind's history.

Change the World

Prayers for Peace—From World Religions

O Great spirit of our Ancestors, I raise my pipe to you, to your messengers in the four winds, and to Mother Earth who provides for your children.

Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other, so that they may grow with peace in mind. Let us learn to share all good things that you provide for us on this Earth.



A Constitutional Daydream

"America's Founding Fathers steadfastly believed that we should lead by example. While they held that our system was superior to other previous ones, they were firm in their commitment that America should avoid foreign entanglements. We should have friendship and commerce with all, but should decline to intervene in situations that are none of our affair. This idea has been totally abandoned by our current government, which has stationed American soldiers in over 100 different nations around the globe."

Steven LaTulippe

Soap and its Impact on the Environment

Beginning around 1960, it was noted that there was more foam on rivers and that sewage treatment facilities were encountering serious problems, including that water foamed when it came out of the tap, this due to the fact that propylene-based alkyl benzene sulphonates are not completely degraded by the bacteria naturally present in effluents.

Soap and its Impact on the Environment

Alternative Energy Transportation

Without change, serious change, we are looking at fuel demands that are 2.5 times the present levels by 2030 and air that is many times blacker than today. Alternative automobiles or alternative transportation are the only solution to an otherwise impossible situation, one that compromises the ecological balance of our Planet, international relations, health, and survival itself.

There is almost no maintenance for the car: no gas, no oil changes, no spark plugs to replace, nothing to tune up, and no clutch that suffers wear and tear. You will never have to go into a car station ever again.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Cloning; Stem Cell Research; Genetic Engineering
Ethical and Spiritual Commentary

The ethical arguments center mainly on the normality, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, of the person created in this manner, the detractors saying that preliminary experiments with animals have not shown that the technology exists to create perfect examples of the species. Aside from this issue, there are few jarring ethical arguments.


Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFA) is a submarine detection system that many believe interferes with the ability of marine mammals to communicate with each other. It may also cause deafness among cetaceans. My views on sound, healing, and whales.

See also the article on beached whales, seismic activity, and underwater air gun use.


Terri Schiavo

If one has studied near death experiences, then we come to see a consistent pattern in which the trauma victim is shown life after death and given a choice.  If the patient chooses not to enter paradise, there must be a reason so I can only assume that Terri is forcing each of us to look at our deepest beliefs and come to terms with the ethics and understanding that should guide our lives.  If she was shown this at the time of the crisis 15 years ago, she must have signed up for all that followed.  Many who look to be the least of all of us might actually be great teachers.

Terri Schiavo

The American Economy

We are now in a muddle over pump prices, but we are told Europeans have been paying much more for years. Is this true? Has anyone bothered to add the cost of taxes to build weapons and wage war to the sticker price at the pump?

Resist Mandatory Health Insurance

Insurance companies are cashing in on two more bonuses.  Thanks to their generous support of political candidates, they want the favors returned, roughly 100-fold.  They want less liability as well as mandatory health insurance.  These are freebies for an industry that has become reprehensible.


Boycott State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance has denied countless claims for wind damage in areas of the Bayou devastated by hurricanes.  It has accomplished this inhumanity against legitimately insured customers by falsifying engineering reports, forging signatures, and systematic corporate abuse of power.  Show your support for your dislocated brothers and sisters by boycotting State Farm.


Election 2008

As the election momentum heats up, I am going to post pages about issues that are important for our consideration, focusing primarily on peace, environmental trusteeship, healthcare reform, education, and sane economic reforms.



Essays on my Vietnam Experiences and their relevance to Afghanistan

Photographs from my Travels through Afghanistan

Biological Warfare and the Doctrine of Harmlessness

Channeled writings, History of the Earth

On Approaching my 64th Birthday

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