Soaring Spirit with Tears


Biological Warfare

Ingrid Naiman

It is against my religion to spread fear, but the terror of biological warfare is real and omnipresent. However, the prayers and actions of sane, sensible, loving, and caring human beings can bring madness to an end.

Many of us living today were born into the nuclear age; and some of us burned candles and participated in peace rallies hoping that tensions would de-escalate and the world would be safe. Until a few months ago, most of us who spent years praying for peace felt that we had succeeded, that nuclear weapons would never again be used. However, recent news is full of speculation over dirty bombs and suitcase sized nukes. Pacifists have been shattered by the crescendo of violence and threatening rhetoric. It's obviously time to light more candles and say more prayers.

Until those with power understand that this is one world and no one is genuinely separate from anyone else, we cannot expect those who hope for short-term gains to abandon their despicable objectives. For a healer, nothing is more contemptible than deliberately caused illness. This said, I have taken down the material that I originally posted on anthrax and smallpox because others with better qualifications are publishing both online and in magazines. While I personally believe that dismantling biological weapons programs is in the highest interest of every living being on this Planet, I seriously doubt politicians will take this action unless voters force them.

While I continue to support the right of everyone to choose his or her own responses to perceived threats, I am bowing out of the medical discussions. There are many voices from academia, industry, government as well as holistic health community . . . and one must simply choose one's Path based on the information available and one's own deeper beliefs, beliefs that will no doubt become more important to each individual if the level of crisis pushes us beyond our inertia into the realization that pain and suffering are inevitable if the roots of discord are not brought into alignment with Divine Will.

God bless,






Poulsbo, Washington