Soaring Spirit with Tears


Origins of Life on Earth

This essay has been whirling around in my head for years but thanks to the interview with Michael Tellinger and the various emails from you — ranging from "Biblical cautions and advice" to "Wow!" — I think I will let the egg hatch.

Tellinger has become acquainted with a very ancient ruin that suggests the presence of human life much earlier than either science or religion currently accept. He has found archaeological sites that are reminiscent of Easter Island or Stonehenge but they are vastly larger and more intricate. I am in awe of the synchronicity because we have a clear example of how energy follows thought: there was Drunvalo Melchizidek and then the solar eclipse and then the interview. Of course, Tellinger has been around for a while, but we attract the contact when the energies are moving on a certain trajectory. The interview I heard on Conscious Media Network was fascinating, but there is other material online where the interviewer might have elicited something slightly different.

Now, I have to bring up a few family members because they, too, have been very much in my thoughts. My cousin is an ornithologist with the Smithsonian and he used to visit my mother and me in Hawaii, kind of a boondoggle. My mother would entertain him with Hawaiiana and a point would come when the very polite scientist would just squirm and say, "Okay, if there really was a race of Menehunes, how come I have never found a single skeleton suggesting this?" There were, in fact, Menehunes registered in the 1820 census, but I can easily imagine an Hawaiian telling some fool that he or she is a Menehune when inquisitive people ask questions one does not want to answer. There is a sort of prohibition in Hawaiian culture on prying too much. The locals say, "Don't be niele" which really means to poke your nose somewhere else, not here. Okay, not literally, but curiosity is not highly regarded in Hawaii, especially when it takes a personal turn.

So, the Menehunes may be little people or they may be the invisible ones who take the rap for things that happen when others tip the bottle too much. Either way, I thought Storrs won that round. My mother was a good loser, however, so she allowed the conversation to move another direction. The point was pretty simple, if the skeletons of ancient birds could still be found, there ought to have been a few remnants of a small race if the race actually existed in third dimensional reality. Tellinger hasn't found any bones but he said there are, according to archaeologists, something like 20-50 missing links between homo erectus and homo sapiens. Chew on that. The closest Tellinger came to concrete evidence is a rumor that the government has a giant locked up in a box somewhere, presumably a fossilized giant.

The Empty Spaces

Lacking evidence, we try to fill the gaps with speculation and Tellinger seems to have chosen Sitchin as the doorkeeper. Then, it gets as far over the top as we can imagine because he channels Enki. All this means is that he is a ultra-modern New Age kind of chap, fascinating, thought provoking, challenging, but inconclusive because of the lack of proof.

What we therefore have is a sort of spiritual-intellectual free-for-all that lots of people can join. You just bring your favorite theory and toss it in the ring. It's really hard to see anything through new windows and to his credit, Tellinger is trying hard, but all he has really proven is that post-Diluvian accounts of human origins come up a bit short.

Now, I want to turn this into a true three-ring circus. We have Enki making humans out of stem cells from Adam's left rib but having a lot of leftover DNA at the end of this project. He also seems to have allowed a pair of chromosomes to go missing somewhere.

Let's see what's happening in the second ring. We have Galactic pirates looking for gold to keep their own vibrations and spiritual attunement working. They need some extra to take back to their mother planets. The Universe is not really all that spiritually inspired at all, it is just a blurry extension of Bluebeard but with incredible space ships and shapeshifting. There are plenty of UFOlogists who believe the Earth is a pit stop on a Galactic Highway where brigands can stock up on water and/or precious metals. It would be interesting to find out what happened to everything the Conquistadors took from the Incans or even what the heck happened at Fort Knox? We might be hemorrhaging financially because the missing trillions are not really being used by the folks at Langley but rather to bribe the ETs not to take away their presumption of power on Earth. You can find audiences at the second ring, too.

In the third ring, you have a bunch of people sitting cross-legged with glassy expressions whose psyches are wandering in landscapes painted by DMT. They tell you the Universe is made of light. It is energetic, and everything was made by God from the Divine Source of everything. This Universe is purposeful, orderly, and knowable but for some mysterious reason, it's just not visible to everyone so some people don't believe it's there.

Next Circus

Years ago, there was a very popular book, but we should probably be wary of books that are too popular. I bought Cutting through Spiritual Materialism hoping that there would be a few clues advancing me closer to Nirvana, but instead, I read of a stubborn man painting his temple while Chinese troops were advancing on Tibet. The relevance and reason for the recall is that the global situation is as precarious as the temples in Tibet were 50 years ago. We need reliable guides.

Sitchin keeps appearing. My path has crossed his a few times. He spoke in Santa Fe to a packed audience but interesting as he was, the issue that arose for me is that I have facilitated memory recall for hundreds of people using many, many different techniques. Not a single person has ever described any encounters with Galactic pirates, Annunakis, or others. However, absolutely everyone eventually came to know something about why he or she first came to Earth and when the mission on Earth was initiated. One cannot draw a conclusion from this that the Annunakis never existed, but I am reasonably certain they never existed in the historic times of anyone with whom I have worked. Given how many people have read the Sitchin books, you'd think one, just one person, would at least have been to Nibiru and wound up here through the whims of fate. I know people who passionately believe in Sitchin's writings, but even those who have read all of his books never saw Annunakis when exploring in altered states.


People have related innumerab;e accounts about where they came from and why, and there is individuality to the stories as well as a few consistent patterns. For instance, the entry point to Earth was from the East, their East at the time of birth. Every person whose memory I facilitated had soul consciousness and soul awareness as well as a profound understanding of mission and purpose — in the altered state, not necessarily in third dimensional consciousness. Not one person was here to assist mining operations and not one claimed to have been cloned, manufactured from clay stirred together with DNA or whatever. Thus for me, such notions are speculations based on material understanding of existence rather than divine insight.

Likewise, not one person ever said that he or she was created a slave, but many people have remembered horrific incarnations as slaves in many different cultures, but they also know that those experiences were not part of their long-term reason for coming to Earth. Moreover, those who did have experiences as slaves usually only had a single recall of this type so for a proper understanding of the soul, one had to include all the other memories that arose — such as accepting a mission when living on another planet or star system, coming to Earth, and going through countless dramas before reaching the current era.

As I have been hinting for years, in all the years I have been doing this work, starting in Hawaii in 70s, not a single person has ever said that he or she was originally from Earth. Everyone recalls coming here from somewhere else, countless different places, including places I had never heard of before but could eventually locate in huge astronomy books. People seem to have come in waves from places like Arcturus, Lyre, Sirius, the Pleiades, Pegasus, and so on and so forth. As you would expect, there are some common denominators among those whose origins are similar. This is not much of a stretch. If you think about a Frenchman traveling to India or Indonesia or Ethiopia, even if he goes native, he is still going to exhibit some of the habits and viewpoints of his French imprint. Likewise, if you are sensitized to Galactic information, you pick up the threads and realize quickly that the home before Earth has left some indelible impressions.

Choose What to Believe

Now, let's try to cut some slack. What if the memories I have been archiving for decades point the right direction but people arrived in spirit bodies on a third dimensional planet. The truth is that in altered states of consciousness, it is very hard to draw a line between concrete and subtle because the subtle seems more real than the forms we inhabit at this time. The subtle bodies and awareness have much more flexibility, nuance, wisdom, and grace and yet they are interactive in the dimensionality in which they move. In short, it is perfectly real to the psyche and not a figment of the imagination. You know the mind bender about the butterfly who when sleeping dreamed it was a person but when it awoke it thought perhaps the man dreamed he was a butterfly? I honestly don't think the memories brought up in altered states of consciousness are dreams or fantasies. They are sometimes very historically factual and subject to investigation and corroboration. So, if parts of what arise are valid, there is a possibility at least that more and perhaps even the whole are also valid but beyond our ability to corroborate. In short, there is nothing less realistic about this hypothesis than the ones based on stones that are as disconnected from the present as the missing links between apes and humans. All I am saying is that without a single relic, the only basis we have for Michael Tellinger's account is his channeling of Enki. We can see the evidence of activity, but with the facts available, we cannot be certain that a civilization existed and perished. It might have been created by visitors who left evidence but departed? We don't know, but it's fun to speculate.

Trying Harder

Working in altered states can be tricky. There are several reasons this is so. The first is that what is experienced transcends the ego but the interpretation of the experience passes through at least one ego, often two or more. What am I trying to say? In a formal situation in which a facilitator assists the travel in altered states, the facilitator is conscious in the third dimension but the person doing the out of body exploration is in another dimension in which there is no ego to "drive" the exploration. There are lots of states, not just the third (in which you are reading this) but "higher" and "lower" so the facilitator has to prompt the person in the altered state to explore. My main issue with most facilitators is that their prompts aren't constructive enough. The person in the altered state therefore discovers less than what might have been the case. If the facilitator can also switch consciousness and move freely between states, somewhat more information is apt to be elicited. My general impression of most hypnotic and even New Age regression is that the facilitator is stuck and is not doing a very good job of prompting.

There are other ways to acquire information. People can journey on their own. It usually takes a lot of preparation, but most who do this have used mind altering drugs. This can be a sort of roulette, but given that so many people have changed permanently as a result of their experiences, we can only assume that the reason for criminalizing the use has to be that conformity to the norm is less certain once someone has ventured out of the box. Here, Tellinger and others seem to be on terra firma by proposing that humans have an immense amount of unused, aka "junk", DNA that is probably the clue to our true nature but is dismissed by science because it would be too hard to control people who were operating on all cylinders.

What does emerge in memory recall is that everyone has a purpose and is specialized at least to some extent so as to be able to fulfill that purpose. Not once has anyone reported that the purpose was to become rich or powerful. Purposes are always "spiritual" meaning they come from our Creator so there are countless jobs and professions that are not on the list. For instance, no one ever said that he or she was born to drag items over barcode readers and to perfect the skills required to do this. It would be disturbing to our civilization if everyone who today does do this for a living wole up tomorrow and said that he or she no longer feels fulfilled so he or she is quitting to follow his or her bliss. You can see why work in altered states is demeaned by those whose power rests in the status quo.

The patterns I have seen are quite believable, at least to me. For instance, people have been given great gifts in music or healing or science or art. Occasionally, there is someone whose gift is leadership or law, but the soul is to use these gifts for the benefit of Creation, not in opposition to it. Where there is no ego, there is no personal benefit so one could say that all gifts are part of the celebration of God, not for personal glory. The moment a gift is used for self-aggrandizement, it is diminished accordingly.

Interestingly, I have yet to facilitate a single memory in which the gift was athletic prowess. Sports have absolutely never come up. Not one person has ever discovered that he or she was created to be a soldier. There are a few who might be called "protectors" but they are not ever seen with weapons, just with great moral force. They are strong in character and usually seem to stand very straight but without appearing threatening. Personally, I believe this is the true essence of the Universe and all the rest of the nightmarish stuff is one of the side shows.

From the moment we are created, we begin putting our gifts to work, but the situations in which we try to express these gifts are so complex that we fail many times before we succeed so everyone carries a burden of the fear of failing the divine. It has to be in every psyche so the first step towards getting out of our own way is patience with self and some humor and forgiveness because we rarely get it right the first time.

What I am saying is that on the level of the soul and its purpose, I have never heard of a single person who felt that he or she was born to compete, to dominate, to exploit, or excel over others. All these traits are therefore anathema to the divine. People might be born to inspire, encourage, lead, help, heal, or guide, but never to place oneself over another. Some individuals seem to have mastered the art of soul expression and are thus like parents helping children to learn, but just as parents realize that the children will grow up so souls realize that other individuals are equals on the soul level with varying degrees of maturity on the personality level.

I didn't write this as a commentary on Tellinger. I simply seized the opportunity to post something I started years ago. I have grave doubts that anyone can design and create a homo sapien (or any other species) and make it work. Putting batteries in a robot is a bit less challenging than putting a soul into some mud mixed with DNA. I have never read a single account of a regression analysis nor personally regressed anyone who had the slightest memory of anything remotely resembling this. I think these ideas come from over-emphasis on materialism due to lack of true understanding of spirituality. We are all created by the same God, not by whip cracking mining overlords. However, what is incredibly dangerous about theories of somewhat less than divine origin is that those with whips distort history so as the perpetuate some myth of superiority.

The truth might, in fact, be more awful than what Tellinger suggests. I have serious ethical concerns with his hypothesis. If beings were created out of "nothing" to mine gold, they might be regarded as incomplete or lesser than those with souls. This is such a bizarre and incongruous thought that I do not find anything credible about it. The truth is probably closer to home. Deviant beings intruded on the divine space of others so as to control them and for this we do have actual evidence. For instance, fluoridation, medication, harmful electromagnetic pollution, dislocating frequencies including radioactive interferences, and various scalar and nanotechnologies can be used to interfere with the soul's ability to express through the bodies used for incarnation. This is more likely to be the explanation than that some creatures were fabricated who do not possess divinity. I simply cannot believe this and hope that those who are inclined towards such a far-fetched explanation reconsider the likelihood that anything can exist without a soul.


Ingrid Naiman
18 July 2010




Poulsbo, Washington