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Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFA) is a submarine detection system that many believe interferes with the ability of marine mammals to communicate with each other. It may also cause deafness among cetaceans.

A few nights ago, I channeled a bit on whales. Gail Barber was on the phone and it was suggested to her that she compose a requiem for the whales. This is such a convoluted story that I don't know how to begin or even if I should. Alan Hovhannes was a great admirer of Gail's musicality, but Pluto played a demonic role that reduced their contact. Hovhannes, a Washington State resident, composed a piece called "God Created Whales."

Of course, God created everything, but sometimes we need to be reminded of this. It is my belief that inspiration comes from the Divine so when a composer feels to write a piece of music for or about whales (or anything else), there is a more genuine connection to the subject than is the case for the average person. Of course, anytime we care deeply enough, we will strengthen our own connection and this is the beauty of passion and compassion.

When I first met Gail, we connected via our Pisces and we did a lot of music therapy, for each other and others. At that time, I explored Cosmic Whales and will never forget how awesome the sound was. The sound produced by this archetypal whale contained in it what was needed to heal those with severe chronic diseases and injuries. The sound was organized. For lack of a better word, the organization of the sounds was similar to hospital wards and the archetypal hospitals were actually inside the archetypal whale.

Now, I know this must seem crazy to some people. Because it is given to Pisces to be shown what is not easily seen by people at large, it is always a challenge to me to know what to publicize and what to keep private. I kept this private, as the explanation of sound shared only by Gail and myself, for many years, seven now. Seven is also an amazing cycle for me. Usually, there are seven year cycles of introspection and then seven years of expression in the world.

To put this into some kind of context that is more accessible to those who are not tuned in on this channel, let me simply say that the great religions of the world all place extraordinary emphasis on sound or the word. Sound is the matrix that is Creation. "In the beginning was the Word!" In Hinduism, Creation emerges from the mind of Brahma, after deep meditation, and then it becomes more and more visible. The etheric matrix which is held together by sound is the scaffolding for the rest of Creation.

Great philosophers, such as Aristotle, knew that you could make or break civilization through the type of music listened to by the people. Years ago, I wrote something about Hildegard of Bingen's understanding of sound in an article (that can be found on my kitchendoctor website):

In Hildegard’s medicine, the powerful adjudicators of fate, the determinants of happiness or misfortune as well as health or sickness, depend on hearing. She felt that metabolism is affected by the liver which, in turn, has a direct relationship to the ears and hearing. Harsh sounds can disturb bodily fluids, and fluids that contact blood vessels impact hearing when they reach the ears. Hildegard believed that health is earned or forfeited partly as a consequence of what we hear. To offset the shock to the liver of sounds that undermine health, Hildegard composed scores of chants and a musical drama called “Ordo Virtutem,” and, as we see, she also prescribed an interesting galangal formula as a digestive aid.

Modern scientific researchers have substantiated many of these theories by studies showing how syncopation or rhythm affect physiological functioning, including synaptic responses, which is the first measurable place one experiences deep change due to sound. Sound is, however, first felt in the aura. Because this is also the main place where the impact is felt, it is harder for scientists to study the impact of sound. They draw conclusions from secondary and tertiary responses rather than primary.


Sound, as I saw when invited to visit the Cosmic Whale, is the primary healing (or harming) agent in the medicine chest. People need to understand this. Some people realize that a high pitched voice can shatter crystal, but few really understand the function or power of sound.

I told some people that when the whales were distressed, I asked to be permitted to speak with them. What I was shown is that on a deep unconscious level, there is a war going on between what they called "the elite" and "maintainers of Cosmic frequency." They explained their role in stabilizing the etheric webbing of Planet Earth and even in absorbing certain amounts of noise pollution. Their demise in such vast numbers is a catastrophe, not for a few tons of blubber or a few incarnate cetaceans, but for Gaia Herself. They also showed me that for a while, the survivors would be in counsel.

Many have chosen the date of August 14th as a kind of turning point in this administration. The whales did not comment on the date. Instead, they showed me a host of patterns of behavior and the choices that stem from each. They showed that the elite belong to a sort of primitive school of belief in which the winner takes all. They enjoy the thrill of competition and risk, but nowhere in their thinking is there room for cooperation. On the other hand, the feminine energy of Earth itself as well as its expression through that which is feminine in all forms of life seeks harmony. It has to increase its activity to the level where the elite realize that they can no longer control through might. Public opinion is one mechanism for stating one's desire for harmony.

What is different today than in times past is that most forms of warfare in the past involved male casualties. Modern warfare is indiscriminate so that the outcome of confrontation is not that the feminine remains after the men are buried. The elite believe they can control the outcome in a test tube and they truly are at war against feminine detractors. The whales said this has been going on for a long time, but conscience has been maintained somewhat through the Cosmic Memory sustained by whales (and others but mainly whales). Once the memory is dislocated, disaster is next.

I realize that sharing this as I have is bound to create a lot of backlash and allegations of craziness. I simply urge those who cannot accept the intelligence or sentient consciousness of whales to look at what they can understand: the impact of sound. It is time to stop militarized use of sound!

Ingrid Naiman


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American Cetacean Society
October 4-6, 2002 - Seattle Washington

The three day event includes a diverse program of activities including field trips, presentations and panel discussions, a public art show and silent auction, native dance performances, and a gala party to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the American Cetacean Society, the oldest whale conservation group in the world.

The conference kicks off with special field trips on Friday afternoon, October 4th. On that evening, we celebrate the official opening of the event with a reception at Bay Pavilion on the Seattle Waterfront. On Saturday and Sunday, October 5th and 6th, the conference moves up the hill slightly to Town Hall Seattle, where we have planned a full agenda of plenary sessions, exhibits, panel discussions, and much more. Sunday evening the conference concludes with a gala celebration of ACS's 35th Birthday.

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