Soaring Spirit with Tears


History of Earth: One Perspective, Part I

Every day, I am trying to bring together a few more pieces of the Earth puzzle. If there are those who do not care to read these posts, let me know and I'll create a separate list for those who are interested.

On the Earth, we have the curious terms, "indigenous peoples, aborigines, and Native Americans," and so forth. These are the descendants of those who are truly of and from the Earth; the rest of us are presumably foreigners from other parts of the Universe.

Our histories are as varied as the creation myths would suggest and not all "Native Americans" are from Earth. For instance, just as the Dogon in Africa are from Sirius B, the Cherokee are from the Pleiades.

The so-called "cradle of civilization" is an ethnocentric view of planetary history that does not address other realities on the Earth. Moreover, it is an eccentric patriarchal effort to explain events and intellectual achievements in terms that are more relevant to certain groups on the Planet than they are to others.

Likewise, the major authoritative literature of different cultural traditions represents the truth such as it is understood by those groups rather than as accepted generally or as it pertains to those who are not descended from the same seeds.

Each person who came from another part of the Universe retains some of the characteristics of that part of the Universe plus whatever modifications have occurred because of experiences in various other parts of Creation. For instance, if one were born in the United States but became a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, one's essence would not be modified but one's experience would be and this experience becomes part of the feminine psyche and expands the capacity to understand and interpret from this well of wisdom.

Those who are not Earth beings have come to Earth for a variety of reasons. A few have come because of catastrophes elsewhere. You might call them refugees. A few have come because they are curious. You might call them explorers or anthropologists or scientists. Some have come because they have lessons to learn. They might be referred to as patients or acolytes. Some are colonists or opportunists. You might call them predators. Some are missionaries, emissaries, teachers, healers, and so on. Most came in groups, but a few came in very small parties and set about to establish themselves, usually in opposition to preexisting norms on the Planet.

The Earth itself is feminine and easily supports matriarchal social structures as well as diversity, cooperation, and abundance. Just as a mother wishes all her children to be happy and thrive, so our Mother supports social values that allow each individual to explore his or her fullest potential in safety. When there is discord, a mother seeks to harmonize that discord through understanding and adjustments that bring forces back into balance.

The patriarchal forces that currently dominate world affairs try to suppress discord through regulations, penalties, and intimidation, not realizing that by failure to address causes, the problems are not really solved. Their base of authority and power is temporarily stabilized by these measures, but the underlying tensions are not corrected.

This, however, is not the gist of my post.

My post is about recognizing the enormous diversity on the planet and understanding that many prophecies as well as oral and written traditions pertain mainly to specific groups. So, whereas the Earth itself is being prepared for a conscious part in Galactic relations, many who are distracting the Earth from proper preparation for its role are being reassigned, sent elsewhere, and evacuated. This also goes for those whose roles are complete.

Ergo, it is a really appropriate time to discover one's own origins and future so as to know whether to prepare to be evacuated in a flying saucer, in a subtle body, or into a time warp or whether to prepare to help build the Paradise on Earth that has also been promised.

My own sense is that the Bible, and I wish no disrespect to those who see the Bible as the only word of God, is a teaching belonging to a particular group, not of this Earth, and that many who subscribe to its teachings are preparing for Armageddon or the end of time, but this is a change that is relevant mainly to those for whom the teachings are relevant.

Likewise, those who are seeing a Third World War are subscribers to that belief, and while they believe this would end civilization such as we know it, they are just not looking past the event that they expect in their consciousness to occur. Moreover, I will add that they expect this because in some way, largely unknown to them, they are creating this reality . . . and they may unsubscribe to that theory if they so choose.

Ditto, those who are more New Age and believe the end times are coming are right to the extent that their visas are expiring and it is time for them to go to another place or dimension and there are obvious anxieties about this. Letting go of one's physical body with the belief that one can still return to the places one loves with the people one loves is one kind of parting and letting go. Leaving a place with the understanding that return will not happen is another. However, without diminishing the relevance of this change, it is like graduating from high school and going to college. One will continue to stay in contact with some classmates and meet a lot of new ones, bringing one's memories and affections with one wherever one goes. This kind of change is going to happen for some, but not everyone.

Many will stay on this Planet and help in the transition.

This is as much as I want to say at this moment, but I will add a bit every few days for those who wish to follow the release of material I have been asked to share. However, before taking my leave, I would like to point out that what is called Dream Time by some peoples is absolutely as real and relevant as what we call knowledge or what others prize as prophecy. Together, all that is known and understood is the reality at this time.

As each person works to become more clear about his or her realities, it will release the blockages that are creating so much discord at this time.

With blessings and much respect for each truth!

5 October 2001




Poulsbo, Washington