Soaring Spirit with Tears


The Garden of Eden, Part II

Many thousands of years ago, there was a Paradise, referred to as the Garden of Eden. It was unpopulated by people but often visited by those in search of something transcendental. The majority of humans on the Earth were individuals who lived just a little more consciously than the animals. They experienced Spirit in everything and recognized the sparks of Divine Life that existed in each other, in animals, in trees, and in the lakes and rivers and oceans and rocks.

A group of individuals who lived on a planet beyond Neptune were engaged in a dark scheme to obtain supremacy that entailed tremendous risks and power plays. Just before the "explosion" of their misuse of power, they escaped on a space ship that landed near the present Gaza Strip. They were few in number and convinced of their superiority and set about the task of asserting their authority and dominion in an area that had previously never known disharmony. Being extremely different but small in number compared to the other beings on Earth, they tried to maintain their distinctiveness by conservation of their seed and deliberate mating with their own kind, many of whom were not particularly fertile.

These beings excelled in intellectual pursuits, none of which were regarded as meaningful to those who already lived on Earth. They brought with them a writing system and some understanding of science, especially physics, but without resources, their knowledge could not be put to any meaningful use and, for reasons of survival, they often lived in ways that were quite similar to those whose ways were more in harmony with the land except that they were not respectful of life or land and tended therefore to exploit without proper attention to cultivation, preservation, restoration, or revitalization of land.

Over time, their numbers and domination became a concern and a council meeting was called on Sirius to discuss how to handle the situation that was developing on Earth. Everyone remembered the destruction of the planet in the orbit beyond Neptune and how it had shattered into fragments and left a hole in the part of the Solar System that had once served as a kind of outpost.

The Sirian Council convened for quite some time and there were a number of visiting delegations at the meeting, including one from Andromeda. A decision was reached that in order to avoid too much disturbance to the Earth that some of the intellectual activity would be permitted to anchor on the Earth but it would need to be spiritualized. Therefore, 300 pairs of souls would go to Earth to establish another settlement in which the intellect was perfectly aligned to Spirit and in every way superior to the settlement established by the survivors of the destruction to the outpost planet. These beings would come in pairs so that they would not suffer from the absence of appropriate mating opportunities and so that they could assure the continuity of their seed. The volunteers for this mission are characterized by a very high frequency of Aquarius vibratory energy, abundant goodwill, and tremendous knowledge of all intellectual developments: science, the ritual of manifestation, arts and music, architecture, and organization. This is not to suggest that Sirius itself is exactly of this type but rather that the volunteers for this mission were predominantly Aquarian and they came at a time in which it would be relatively easy to anchor these energies.

A very small delegation from Andromeda came somewhat later. They carry a different energy which can be discussed in more detail should the need arise. As time went on, there have been many other groups, each with a particular purpose, that settled on this Planet.

This is the problem, the Earth itself is, like other planets, very much created and maintained by sound but the destruction of resources, especially trees, has changed the way the wind moves and the sound currents are no longer sustaining life on Earth. On top of this, the permeation of the air waves with destructive sound constitutes an unbearable torment for Lady Gaia. She is therefore going to be spared further pain by a series of events that will establish a new frequency on the Earth.

This has nothing to do with some of the prophecies made by those who seek to interpret the changes in their own languages. The Earth is not moving to another orbit or changing its density or dimensionality. It is going to relocate some of the most disturbing individuals. This opportunity arose when Pluto moved into a position similar to the outpost planet. The frequency on Pluto at this time is suitable for the relocation of some individuals in whom the outpost vibration is still predominant. It would not be correct to think of Pluto as a hell or even as a place of exile. It is a new home for people who arrived on Earth more or less by accident and whose presence on the Earth has become too disturbing. The nature of their existence on Pluto will be similar to that on the outpost planet. There will be a great compression of vibration, forcing energies to move in close proximity one to another so that the slightest movement is perceived by others and nothing goes unnoticed. This will serve to make them aware of how energies affect one another and how nothing escapes notice even if they think they are undetected. While we do not believe the experience to come constitutes a punishment for their behaviors on Earth, it will be a great learning experience in which an appreciation for consequences is learned.

Who are these people? They can be found all over the Planet at this time but in greater density still in the Middle East. They are incarnate in many different races and nationalities and even religions but are predominantly of the tradition of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and, even after many incarnations on Earth, they are still resistant to seeing God in Nature and the stars. They are people who lack the mystical insights of the Sirians and other emissaries. They are people who assert themselves in the fulfillment of their own aims without cooperating with that which sustains life and harmony and the health of Lady Gaia.

They will depart in many different ways and when they have left, there will be period of temporary overlordship by a delegation from Arcturus until the Earth can be healed and revivified. The Sirian beings and their many descendents will remain and work with the indigenous peoples to restore harmony. Technology will not be abandoned, but it will be recalibrated and adapted so that discord is avoided.

There is much more to this unfolding tale. There is nothing to fear. All that is happening is occurring under the watchful eye of Galactic Elders and the resettlement plans are being worked out in ways that harmonize perfectly with each soul's unique needs.

5 October 2001




Poulsbo, Washington