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The navigation above describes the main directories of site.  Each directory has an index. In some cases, there might be overlap.  For instance, should hybrid cars be positioned under social activism, the environment, or politics?  It is under activism because it is my belief that we need to make noise so as to increase the supply and fuel efficiency of vehicles.  We also need to be sure that cars utilizing alternative energy do not end up the way electric cars did.

Ingrid Naiman


Karuizawa, pivotal experience

Photographs from Afghanistan

Political Change:

Constitutional Daydream

Social Activism

Whales: Low Frequency Active Sonar may interfere with the ability of cetaceans to communicate with each other.


The Insurance Industry

Insurance Boycott

State Farm Insurance

Expert Witnesses


Alternative Cars

Hybrid Cars

Fuel Economy


Aspartame, a dangerous excitotoxin with serious health risks

Imported Oil, war and the obstruction of alternative fuels

Round Up, descendent of Agent Orange marketed under 90 names

State Farm Insurance, denier of claims for victims of Katrina

Consumer Caution, beware of junk science and planted stories

Economic Essays


Bank Karma


A Brief History of Soap and its Impact on the Environment



Cooperation vs Competition

The Sacredness of All Life


The essays in this section are completely different from the material found on my many health-related web sites.  These are more political and ethical.  I am concerned with moral decisions affecting life:  euthanasia and removal of life support.  I am concerned about the sterility of our blood supply, about cloning and stem cell research, about intellectual property rights for indigenous peoples and their medical traditions.  I am worried about the excessive use of arm twisting by corporations and their lobbyists and the erosion of freedom of choice instigated by pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers.  I take a position that one's body is one's own and we therefore have the right to manage it as we see fit.


There are reprints of essays by others on possible reforms of government and sleazy marketing and health care issues.

I believe that each person can make a difference and that this can start with consumer consciousness and much more effort to direct our spending to those companies and individuals who deserve our support.


I worked for the government for roughly four years, first in Vietnam and later in India.  I feel I have earned to right to comment on deathless issues that have not changed despite all the activism of the 60s and 70s.  Most of these essays are written as reminiscences.  There is always a salient point that is as relevant today as years ago.  These might pertain to the difference between a fact finding mission and photo op, or how credit is seized by the ambitious, or how tax reform is not a pipe dream.


Always, always, always, I seek to achieve whatever is possible in peaceful ways.  I do not believe in armed revolutions or wars.  I believe in the innate goodness of people and their common desire to innovate and progress in ways that are sane and safe.  This said, I am not naive enough to believe that those who profit by the status quo, not to mention arms sales, are likely to be enthusiastic about my social visions.

There is a page with prayers for peace from all faiths and a lot of material on the bulletin board about peace.


Life on Other Planets

Most people probably believe that there is life in other parts of the Universe.  Very few have any direct knowledge of what visitors from outer space may be doing here.  Some are afraid; some are expectant; and I am excited.  I take a very open position on this subject, believing that we are heading for the next turn of the spiral, the biggest one since the Copernican Revolution.

Esoteric Essays

There are some very personal essays about my own evolutionary history and the history of the Earth as I have understand it.  These are not complete.  I have hundreds of hours of taped channeling that I have not transcribed or published, but I have put a few essays on the web because I feel that receptivity to expansive concepts comes through constant exercise of the windows of the mind and soul to new vistas.



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